List of Participants
updated on 2005-09-08

Family Name Initial Affiliation US EU KR JP Title of Talk
Anderson J.E. Kyoto U X Zonal Flows Generated by Trapped Electron Mode Turbulence
Azumi M. JAERI X
Becoulet A. CEA X Integrated tokamak modelling activity for ITER in Europe
Batchelor D.B. ORNL X Simulating Wave Interaction with MHD
Chan V. GA X Simulation of ICRF Interactions with Fast Ions and Modification of MHD Stability
Chang C.S. New York U X Integrated Simulation of Tokamak Edge Plasmas
Fukuyama A. Kyoto U X Integrated modeling activities in Japan
Fukuyama A. Kyoto U X Y. Nakamura (JAERI): Simulation Modeling of Fully Non-Inductive Buildup Scenario in High Bootstrap Current Tokamaks without Center Solenoid
Hayashi N. JAERI X Simulation of Steady-State Operation in ITER (tentative)
Honda M. Kyoto U X Comparison of turbulent transport models in tokamak transport simulations
Jardin S.C. PPPL X Towards Integrated Modeling of Burning Plasmas
Kawashima H. JAERI X Divertor Simulations by Integrated Code (SONIC) with Plasma Fluid Modeling and Monte-Calro Modeling for Neutrals and Impuriies (tentative)
Kritz A. Lehigh U X ELMs and the performance of Burning plasma experiments (tentative)
Kusano K. Earth S X Interlocking models for multi-scale simulations
LoDestro L. LLNL X Overview of Integrated Modeling Activities at LLNL
Matsuura H Kyushu U X
Mitarai O Kyushu Tokai U X Plasma current ramp-up in Component Test Facility (CTF) (tentative)
Murakami S. Kyoto U X Integrated modeling of plasma heating and fast particles
Naitou H. Yamaguchi U X Extended MHD simulation by Gyro-reduced-MHD code and gyrokinetic particle code
Nakamura M. Kyushu U X
Nishimura S. Kyushu U X Global Tokamak Simulation with multi-scale interaction, (III) RMHD model including transport effect (transport & MHD interaction)
Ohnishi N. Tohoku U X Radiation hydrodynamics simulations of laboratory and astrophysical plasmas
Ozeki T. JAERI X ELM simulation by transport-MHD coupling model (tentative)
Park J.M. KBSI X Two-Dimensional Transport Simulations of KSTAR Tokamak in Coupled Region of Core, Edge Pedestal, and Scrape-off Layer
Takizuka T. JAERI X
Todo Y. NIFS X A complementary fluid method in the delta-f particle simulation
Tokuda S. JAERI X Present Status of the MARG2D code and It's Parallel Computation
Ueda T. Kyushu U X Global Tokamak Simulation with multi-scale interaction, (II) Status of Global ITG Code (transport & turbulence interaction)
Uzawa K. Kyoto U X Effect of external mean flow on zonal flow generation
Weiland J. Charmers U X Recent Progress in Transport Modelling; Momentum Transport and Effects of Varying Correlation Length
Yagi M. Kyushu U X Global Tokamak Simulation with multi-scale interaction, (I) Neoclassical Tearing Mode(MHD & turbulence interaction)

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