Japan-Korea Workshop on “Modeling and Simulation of Magnetic Fusion Plasmas”
August 19-20, 2013, Kyoto

J-K WS 2013 at Kyoto

This is the second Japan-Korea workshop at Kyoto follwoing the first workshop at Nami Island 2012 in order to discuss and exchane the information about the modeling and simulation of magnetic fusion plasmas between Japanese and Korean researchers.


Title : Japan-Korea Workshop on “Modeling and Simulation of Magnetic Fusion Plasmas”

Date: August 19-20, 2013

City : Kyoto, Japan Kyot City Information

Location: Conference room III (Second floor), Clock Tower Centennial Hall,
Kyoto Univ.
(Yoshida-Main Campus)
Access to Kyoto Univ.

Topics of the Workshop are
- Integrated modeling
- Heat, particle and momentum transport
- MHD equilibrium and stability
- Plasma heating and energetic particle related physics
- Edge plasma modeling
- 3D magnetic field effect on confinement


Please book the hotel by yourself using the internet booking site.
For example
- RAKUTEN site ( English) (Korean )

Some recommendation hotels : They are not far from the meeting place and you can come easily by bus or train.
Hotel Unizo Kyoto
Best Western Hotel Kyoto
Kyoto Royal Hotel and Spa

Banquet will take place as follows;
Time: from 18:30 on August 19 (Mon), 2013
Place: Izakaya Kureshima (five minuites walk from the meeting place)
Map of Izakaya Kureshima
Fee: 4,000 JPY


Sadayoshi Murakami
Department of Nuclear Engineering, Kyoto Univ.

Y.S. Na
Seoul National Univ.