Workshop registration fee

The registration fee is payable by credit card (Master Card/VISA/etc) through Paypal or bank transfer by 29 June 2015.  Details of bank transfer are given here. 

You can make your registration and pay the registration fee through NIFS Icarus (system for registration and submission). 

The procedure is as follows.
    1. If you have not created an account during the abstract submission 
        process, you have to create a new account. 
          1-1. Click “Create an account for new user”
          1-2. After entering your profile, submit them to create an account.
          1-3. Confirmation mail will be sent to you.
    2. Login to NIFS Icarus using your email address and password.
    3. Click “Registration”
    4. Choose “student” or “retired” if necessary, otherwise “regular”.
    5. Put the name of accompany person, if necessary.
    6. Click “Pay by credit card” or “Bank transfer”
    7. Follow the instruction at the PayPal cite (*) or read the instruction for 
        bank transfer.

If you pay by credit card through PayPal, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal.  If you paid by credit card but have not received a confirmation email from Paypal, please contact us to check the payment.  

For bank transfer, we will send a confirmation letter when we confirm the bank transfer.  

If you submit the registration without payment, only the registration number is assigned as indicated on your profile page.

The fee covers the costs of coffee breaks, social events (banquet and an excursion), book of abstracts and proceedings. 

Participants with the registration for retired person are allowed to give a presentation at the workshop, but not allowed to submit a paper for publication in CPP.

An accompanying person should be indicated on registration. Should she/he wish to attend the social events, additional payment (15,000 JPY) would be necessary. 

If a registration is cancelled by 29 June 2015 a full fee payed will be returned. In case of later cancellation there will be no reimbursement. A participant, however, can transfer his registration to a colleague from the same organisation and will be charged no extra fee for that. 

(*) If you come across any troubles in the PayPal system, please let us know the detail.
If you have a PayPal account associated with a credit card, and would like to use the credit card, you may have to sign-in to the PayPal system.
If you are using cookies in your web-browser, you may have automatically signed-in with a PayPal account associated with a specific credit card.  Bank_transfer.html

until 31 May 2015
      Regular early registration

      Student early registration

      Retired early registration

after 1 June 2015

      Regular late registration

      Student late registration

      Retired late registration

40,000 JPY

30,000 JPY

15,000 JPY

45,000 JPY

35,000 JPY

20,000 JPY