1. Basic edge plasma theory

    1.1 Magnetic boundary structure including magnetic stochasticity

    1.2 Sheath effects

    1.3 Edge transport parallel and perpendicular to magnetic field

    1.4 Electric field effects

    1.5 Instabilities and turbulence

    1.6 Neutrals and multi-ion theories, radiation

    1.7 Plasma detachment including cold and dense buffer plasmas

    1.8 New edge-relevant numerical and computational methods

2. Models of special phenomena and edge control

    2.1 Hot spots, radiative cooling

    2.2 L-H transition, blobs, ELMs (incl. control), and pedestal structure

    2.3 Flow patterns, momentum transport, and impurity retention

    2.4 Biasing and shaping of targets

    2.5 Dusty effects

3. Integrated edge plasma modelling

    3.1 Kinetic and Monte Carlo codes

    3.2 Multi-fluid codes

    3.3 Effects of plasma edge/core coupling

    3.4 Validation of edge plasma theories